Hampton Roads Virginia 



We use direct mail, internet, and phone calls to market student athletes to more than 2,000 colleges and universities and more than 18,000 college coaches.  We exhaust all forms of communication - from emails to phones - to make sure that all options for our student atheletes are explored.

Services we provide:

  • Custom Detailed athletic profile and updates mailed directly to college coaches
  • Profile displayed on our corporate Web site
  • Financial aid counseling and form preparation
  • Personal guidance on NCAA rules and the recruiting process
  • Professional video production with copies on VHS and DVD
  • Digital video on the Internet

CPOA offers a variety of marketing/consulting plans and pricing options to meet the specific needs and budget of student-athlete and family. To find out more  Contact us  to schedule a no obligations interview, or have informational literature and CD-ROM sent to you.




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